A Little Bird Told Me

posted Wednesday February 17th, 2010

True story. Sophie is home sick. It’s just a cold, but on Sophie, a cold is something special. Ever seen a projectile sneezer? I can’t believe what comes out of that teeny tiny nose. I was pondering the fact that it might be time to head to the pediatrician to get an antibiotic (ah, the joy of having a kid with Down syndrome — no one second guesses the antibiotic) when it occurred to me that the Swine Flu Shot Conversation will come up.

None of us in this house has gotten the vaccine. I know, I know, I KNOW. I’m crazy. I need to do it. But flu shots scare me — both for the fear of coming down with it anyway and more so for the terror of the still largely untried. I promise, I’ll make an appointment this afternoon. (I doubt they’ll let Sophie get it when she’s already sick.)

Anyhow. I got out the computer and as I signed on, I thought, I really should blog about this Swine Flu Shot Thing. And then I thought, nah, I’ll just get flack. Why admit it? Why blog at all, this morning? (I, too, have that cold and am feeling pretty foggy.)

I’ll just read some other blogs instead, I figured.

So I turned to a new favorite, a just-begun blog called A Little Bird Told Me. It’s written by Sativa Peterson. I was lucky enough to meet her in Mothers Who Write, and she’s doing some writing for New Times, so I get to see and work with her on a regular basis — and when you read her blog, you’ll see what a joy that is.

Check out her latest post. A funny coincidence, given my own would-be omission — not that my omission is comparable to the one Sativa’s writing about. But still. Interesting how the blogosphere — indeed, the world — can be filled with Too Much Information, yet somehow, not enough.

Sativa puts it much more eloquently.

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One Response to “A Little Bird Told Me”

  1. I felt the exact same way about getting the shot for Brennan (his sisters both had it–well, for sure one did and probably the other also). I was nervous because he already has brain “issues” and I didn’t want him to have something not around longer injected in his body. But I also had the fear of complications if he got swine flu.

    I was seeing my own doctor for something and they had tons of swine flu shots and after weeks and weeks of going back and forth I just had the boy stick out his arm along with mine and did it. Then I hoped for the best. It went fine. None of my worst case scenarios came true…any they were bad in my mind. Sudden onset of uncontrollable seizures? Permanent loss of language skills? Nada. He did laugh at me for being a big weenie when they put the needle in my arm. Whew. That doesn’t mean I won’t be nervous next time.

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