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My Favorite Christmas Present

posted Tuesday January 5th, 2010


Ray made me promise I wouldn’t blog about it — and I held out for a while — but I love my homemade Christmas gift from him so much, I can’t resist.

In case you can’t tell, the photos are of the girls on Christmases past, and the whole thing is covered in fake snow. There’s even a multicultural element.

Love love love it.

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3 Responses to “My Favorite Christmas Present”

  1. Sometimes Alan does things (for me or -ahem- to me) that he makes me promise I won’t blog/post/tell the world about. And sometimes Alan does things (for me or -ahem- to me) that he asks very proudly, “Are you going to blog/post/tell the world about *that*?”

    I’m glad you broke your promise. It’s lovely!

  2. How awesome…love that sprayed snow effect…so much so I will have to steal it for use next year..thanks Ray!

  3. HEY! Wait one minute…my little Whoville tree made the collage! ::::blushing:::: (I love all things collage by the way)

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