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Putting Halloween Away

posted Tuesday November 10th, 2009



I always try to put the Halloween stuff away the day after.

I might have five overflowing laundry baskets in my dining room at the moment, and be perfectly okay with it — but to me, there’s something unacceptably untidy about having holiday detritus around after the holiday in question is over.

Maybe I drove by too many sad Christmas-lit houses in February, growing up. (Phoenix is huge on holiday lights; probably because there aren’t many natural signs of the season around.)

In any case, I was unsuccessful this year. It wasn’t til this past weekend that I finally crammed the black and orange back into the Halloween Rubbermaid and shoved it into the holiday closet, swearing I’ll deal with that mess by Thanksgiving.

Then I opened the dryer the other day to find that Annabelle had put the shirt from her Halloween costume into the hamper without unpinning the felt/pom pommed poodle tail. (Of course this is my fault, as the responsible adult.) We’ll be finding those pom poms around til next Halloween, I suspect.

Oh, and I even forgot to post photos from Halloween. So here you go. Sophie was Foofa from “Yo Gabba Gabba” (not homemade). Annabelle was a black poodle (homemade, as previously mentioned and, I must add, a huge hit — and my relationship with the hot glue gun was officially kindled).

Boo. Hoo. Halloween 2009 is officially over.

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4 Responses to “Putting Halloween Away”

  1. So funny. I just wrote about dragging my rotten pumpkin to the trash. I am planning to toss the candy with it, but haven’t been able to part with the chocolate minis just yet. Thus begins the trifecta of overeating, on to Thanksgiving.

  2. I just never put any up! They look adorable as usual.

  3. I’m with you on (trying) to put holidays stuff away the day after. I think I get this from my mom–she used to joke about giving out citations to people who left Christmas lights up after New Year’s.
    So irresponsible!
    Love the costumes. But I have a thing for dogs you know. : – )

    And I need to get a glue gun! I’ve heard about the fabulousness!

  4. I’m with you on the “getting stuff down fast!” thing.

    After Christmas, one of my favorite things is putting everything away and vacuuming the living room. Suddenly it feels so pared down, which is how I would like to be, but am not. :-)

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