Sophie Conquers the Phoenix Rock Gym

posted Monday November 10th, 2008

Yesterday Ray emailed me a picture from his phone. The subject line: “Ya ain’t gonna believe this…..”

He’s right. Ya ain’t. For a long time now, he’s been taking the girls to the Phoenix Rock Gym. Annabelle scampers to the top of the wall, but for months, Sophie’s been stuck at one move — maybe two. Yesterday he had a breakthrough. Ray swears the following came with just one tiny boost. Scares the crap out of me. But that’s probably because no one took me to the rock gym when I was five.


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3 Responses to “Sophie Conquers the Phoenix Rock Gym”

  1. As a rock-climber and a mom, I think it’s pretty safe. Those ropes, that harness, your husband belaying her: everything is set up to catch any fall. Inhaling the gym’s chalk-dust is probably the riskiest thing she’s doing. But I know that assurance doesn’t affect your fears, or the way she’ll probably want to try climbing everything at home, off-belay.

  2. Cutest freaking picture I have ever seen!!!

  3. Wow, that’s so awesome! My extremely active seven year old daughter loves those things. But my 4 year old daughter with Down syndrome is so NOT motor driven, so I don’t think she’d go NEAR a rock climbing wall! (except maybe to lick it)

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